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The intimate Setting

The ‘intimate setting’ is a stunning and distinctive
diamond ring setting exclusive to FredericK B.
Our unique concept involves the intimate partnering of two diamonds and or precious stones.

Coupling diamonds one above the other in this beautiful open setting offers so much more in terms of visual style, elegance, design and sophistication. Unlike traditional diamond settings, the fire, brilliance and sparkle of the diamonds are not only seen from the top surface of the diamond but also radiate from all four open sides.

The dazzling additional light refraction, and fire from the partner diamond below creates a most spectacular vision of brilliance and sparkle from every visible aspect, and when the diamond is partnered with a natural fancy coloured diamond, or sapphire the dramatic pools of light and intense colour that flood from beneath the diamond are truly breathtaking.

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FredericK B. Inspired by Fred Baker.
(Grand ‘dad’ of the designer - Karen Baker)

The unique and exclusive collections from FredericK B reflect Fred’s love of all things beautiful, his attention to detail, his appreciation for fine quality, Individuality and cutting edge design.

FredericK B. Mayfair House, 14-18 Heddon Street, Mayfair, London, W1B 4DA, UK
All FredericK B diamonds have been purchased from legitimate sources not involved in funding conflict and in compliance with the United Nations resolutions.
Tel: 0207 043 8136 | email: info@frederickb.com